Schyler of Naples

01. The Client

Schyler of Naples is an upscale Vidal Sassoon trained hairstylist in Naples, Florida. 

The client was moving to a new location in Florida from Boston and wanted a fresh start in their branding. I was hired to develop a new brand identity and oversee its roll out.

02. Website Development

Schyler of Naples’ website was designed to serve as the main way for potential clients to learn about the company. The client wanted it to be simple yet still embody the brand’s ethos. 

03. Marketing Materials

I designed a mailer that was sent out to Schyler of Naples client list to notify and educate them about the new brand identity. The mailer heavily featured the logo I designed for the client. I also created a square business card that double as an appointment reminder. 

04. Launch Party

Schyler of Naples hosted a launch party to celebrate the new location and branding. Potential and current client were invited to learn about the brand and to learn about future plans. I assisted in the coordination of the party and served as the spokesperson for the company’s marketing efforts.